Mass timber plant could grow Michigan’s economy with Great Lakes forests

By Sheri McWhirter
Michigan Live
January 7, 2024
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: US East

EAST LANSING, Michigan – The forests of Michigan and the wider Great Lakes region grow enough softwood tree species to support a new mass timber facility, researchers found. Michigan State University researchers analyzed data on supply and demand for a new mass timber production facility based in Michigan. …The study was meant to help prospective manufacturers with insights to develop a mass timber production facility in Michigan, officials said. …Researchers outlined two potential counties for such a new manufacturing site, both strategically chosen to take advantage of lumber from both within Michigan and from other areas. The feasibility studies targeted Menominee County in the Upper Peninsula and Wayne County in southern Michigan. Data from 2022 showed an annual demand for 12,400 cubic meters of mass timber in Michigan and the potential to create about 90 jobs either at the factory, sawmills, or other local businesses.

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