Massive Redwood City, California construction-fire destroys buildings, forces evacuations

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June 4, 2024
Category: Today's Takeaway

A massive Redwood City, California construction-fire destroyed buildings and forced evacuations. In related news: building pros say code compliance is not enough to protect builders from lawsuits; mass timber’s role in Western Washington University’s net-zero plans; and the Georgia Forestry Foundation’s Mass Timber Accelerator program. Meanwhile: the BC Forest Practices Board is hiring; and the latest from Canada Wood and FSC Canada

In Forestry/Wildfire news: Canada extends project to determine the biodiversity benefits of conservation; wildfire expert Lori Daniels says we need to fight fire with fire; Oregon boosts funding for urban and community forestry; how Global Forest Watch helps reporters of land use change; and the downside of buying and selling forest carbon as a commodity.

Finally, can you guess which Canadian city is most at risk of wildfires? Top five?

Kelly McCloskey, Tree Frog Editor

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