McBride Community Forest Corporation takes heat for logging activities

By Andrea Arnold
The Rocky Mountain Goat
January 12, 2024
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

The McBride Community Forest Corporation was under the microscope recently due to the start of logging activities at the base of Lucille Mountain near McBride. Locals were concerned the logging would destroy a community trail through an old growth stand, referred to as “Lucy’s Lane,” and impact the Dominion Creek watershed. MCFC General Manager Craig Pryor confirmed that while logging activities have commenced, he says neither the trail nor the watershed will be affected. “We have left a 100-metre buffer on either side of the existing road, and the visual from the trails is minimal,” said Pryor. …The second concern expressed by members of the public was that the block is on the same bench as the village water system and will affect the watershed. Pryor showed that while the two are on the same bench, the drainage from both sides of the road continues to run downhill, not sideways.

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