Meet 5 of the Women Leaders Shaping Mass Timber Design

Think Wood
December 14, 2023
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building

The design and construction industry, like many others, bears the mark of historic gender inequity. Women architects, developers, and construction professionals have made countless incredible achievements to transform the built environment, yet women still constitute only 17% of architects nationwide—and that number is far smaller for women of color. Beyond scarcity of representation, women in AEC industries also face persistent challenges of lack of advancement as compared to their male colleagues, and a persistent lack of recognition for their contributions. This imbalance makes it all the more important to celebrate women leaders in the field for their forward-thinking solutions and community-shaping accomplishments. And in many new-to-market, rapidly evolving fields in construction—like mass timber— women are leading the charge. More and more are using wood to make a material difference in advancing sustainability, equitability, and affordability in the communities they develop, design, and build.

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