Molded pulp packaging emerges as an alternative to single-use plastics

By Snehal Jadhav
Global Trade Magazine
December 5, 2022
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: United States, US East

Molded pulp packaging solutions continue to gain favor among eco-conscious consumers and businesses looking to minimize the impact of the packaging sector on environmental health. …With the packaging industry coming under increasing scrutiny in recent years, solutions like molded pulp packaging have become an appealing choice for industries looking to mitigate their environmental footprint. …Traditionally associated with packaging items like cup holders or egg boxes, molded pulp-based packaging solutions are gradually gaining traction across industrial sectors like automotive, horticulture, medical and more. …This shift is especially apparent in North America, where the molded pulp packaging industry is poised to be valued at USD 1.17 billion by 2028, as per Global Market Insights Inc. estimates, on account of the burgeoning demand for sustainable materials and packaging solutions in the region. …University of Maine-Kiefel alliance advances molded pulp packaging development through new thermoforming technology.

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