Montana forest industry faces uncertain future amid closures

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March 25, 2024
Category: Today's Takeaway

Montana’s forest industry faces an uncertain future as Roseburg and Pyramid mill closures have a ripple effect. In related news: finally some truth on Montana’s mill closures; Missoula’s long history of lumber mills; Drax responds to report of chipping old-growth for pellets; and a Thunder Bay Pulp and Paper mill fire injures two. Meanwhile: the New Zealand Forest Owners have a new president; and the latest from the Softwood Lumber Board.

In Forestry/Climate Change news: the world is said to be warming faster than expected; Alberta scientists focus on the health impacts of global warming; researchers in Canada and South Africa look to the forestry value chain to mitigate climate effects; Ontario’s firefighter incentive payment plan is panned; and a new study on the effects of past fire-suppression bias in the US.

Finally, Captain Kirk shares his dream for life after death — I want to be a tree.

Kelly McCloskey, Tree Frog Editor

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