More than 10,000 squares kilometres of land has burned in Alberta due to wildfires

The Canadian Press in The Toronto Star
May 23, 2023
Category: Forest Fires
Region: Canada, Canada West

EDMONTON — Wildfire officials say more than 10,000 square kilometres of land has burned in Alberta this year as dozens of wildfires continue across the province. Christie Tucker of Alberta Wildfire says the province has never seen this much wildfire activity in recorded history. Tucker says that in 1984, there was a record of 13,000 square kilometres burned over the entire fire season, which usually lasts from the beginning of March to the end of October. Scattered showers over the last week have given firefighters headway in battling the flames. There are 71 wildfires burning in Alberta, 20 of which are deemed out of control, and about 10,000 people are out of their homes in various communities. Bre Hutchinson, executive director of the Alberta Emergency Management Agency, says the wildfire situation remains serious and all Albertans should remain vigilant, especially those who live in areas that under an evacuation alert.

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