More than axes and cross-saws: New Brunswick Woodmen’s Museum showcases history of logging

By Hannah Rudderham
CBC News
October 24, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada East

Lumber camps were once a way of life for many New Brunswickers during the long winter months. They would crowd into small shacks, sleep side-by-side and eat meals on long wooden benches before beginning the day’s logging. …Original pieces of this history are still kept in the province to this day — in Boiestown — on the 15-acre property of the Central New Brunswick Woodmen’s Museum. The collection of axes, canoes, tree bark and replicas, along with cabins and Quonset huts, tells the story of the men who worked in the camps. But two years ago, that history was put at risk of disappearing because of a flood that destroyed artifacts and paper archives in the museum’s main building. Now, with the help of government funding and community members, vice-president Greg Munn said the museum is finally getting its “chin above water.”

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