Mosaic Receives SFI Leadership in Conservation Award for Working To Mitigate Climate Change

Sustainable Forestry Initiative
May 17, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, United States

Lauren Cooper & Molly Hudson

VANCOUVER, BC — The Sustainable Forestry Initiative announced the recipient of the 2023 SFI Leadership in Conservation Award at the 2023 SFI Annual Conference. Mosaic Forest Management, with operations in Coastal BC, is being recognized for its early and enthusiastic adoption of SFI’s climate smart forestry objective. Mosaic’s scientifically calculated target is to be net-zero by 2035 across all operations and to become a positive sequestration business. …Mosaic has several progressive initiatives and programs to accomplish climate smart forestry. …The organization has created the BigCoast Forest Climate Initiative, which defers harvesting of 40,000 hectares of private land in Coastal British Columbia for 25 years or longer. The initiative reduces greenhouse gas emissions by more than 20 million tonnes over its lifetime. A portion of the revenue will support the Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas Innovation Program and the Pacific Salmon Foundation. …“Mosaic is honoured to receive this award,” said Domenico Iannidinardo, Senior VP and Chief Forester.

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