‘Napping on NAFTA’: Harper blasts Trudeau government for its handling of negotiations

By Alexander Panetta
The Canadian Press in CBC News
October 28, 2017
Category: Business & Politics
Region: Canada, United States

Steven Harper

Stephen Harper has come out against his successor’s handling of NAFTA negotiations with the United States, with the former prime minister declaring the negotiations in real peril in a memo titled, “Napping on NAFTA.” The memo was obtained by The Canadian Press and it criticizes the Trudeau government in several areas: For too quickly rejecting U.S. proposals, for insisting on negotiating alongside Mexico, and for promoting progressive priorities like labour, gender, aboriginal and environmental issues. …Finally, he accuses the Liberals of bungling other disputes over lumber and airplanes. Harper says the Liberals passed up on a chance to renew the softwood lumber agreement… The Liberals say that last point about softwood lumber is based on a falsehood. They say there was never a softwood settlement on the table, and that claims to the contrary are wrong.

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