National Climate Action Plans Have Insufficient Forest Targets and Deforestation Continues to Rise

UN Environment Programme
June 9, 2024
Category: Carbon, Climate & Bioenergy
Region: International

Despite global commitments to halt deforestation by 2030, only eight of the top 20 countries with the highest rate of tropical deforestation have quantified targets on forests in their national climate action plans, also known as Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). This is one of the key findings of the UN-REDD report Raising Ambition, Accelerating Action. …The report’s analysis reveals that current NDC pledges submitted between 2017 and 2023 do not meet the global ambition to halt and reverse deforestation by 2030. While 11 of the NDCs contain quantified targets relating to afforestation and reforestation, mitigating climate change requires reducing deforestation first, as it takes many years to capture the carbon lost through deforesting an equivalent area through afforestation and restoration. To further harmonise national efforts, it is also crucial for NDCs to integrate existing national strategies to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+), which 15 of the 20 countries have adopted.

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