NAV CANADA signs a historic agreement with Santa Claus​

NAV Canada
December 22, 2023
Category: Froggy Foibles

NAV CANADA has become the first Air Navigation Service Provider worldwide to sign an agreement with Santa Claus to provide priority status on the night of December 24th to 25th for safe, orderly and expeditious gift delivery. NAV CANADA commits to provide top-notch, up-to-date technologies, advanced communication systems and modern carrot-efficient approaches to facilitate this high-speed flight serving millions of destinations. Based on this agreement, Santa Claus has implemented an ADS-B antenna to his sleigh and now complies with the Canadian ADS-B mandate which will ensure safe deliveries, especially from the North Pole. Rudolph, when reached for comment, said, “We’re all aware that my nose guides the sleigh, but it’s nice to know the folks at NAV CANADA support our operation with this great technology. I oversaw installation of the two-way antenna myself – and if anyone’s an expert on navigation, it’s me.” This is the first time in history that NAV CANADA and Santa Claus have reached a formal agreement.

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