NDP face major selling job on their changes to the Land Act

By Vaughn Palmer
Vancouver Sun
February 14, 2024
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

Nathan Cullen

The B.C. New Democrats face an uphill selling job with the public judging from an opinion poll on their plan to allow co-management of Crown Land with First Nations. Almost half of those polled said they had “heard nothing” about the government’s plan. …Only 13% considered themselves “familiar” with the proposed changes… [and] once informed of the basic outline of the NDP plan, 94% considered it a major change. The pollster found support for “reconciliation” with First Nations, but heard concerns that the changes could “hurt the economy.” Almost 75% of those surveyed supported a provincial referendum on the issue. The New Democrats say they will stay the course and pass the legislation this spring. …The government further insists that “the changes will have no effect on tenures, renewals, private properties, or access to Crown land.” …First Nations and some legal experts do maintain that the proposed changes are no big deal. Others disagree.

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