New Brunswick Green leader calls province’s State of the Forest report ‘incomplete’

By Silas Brown
Global News
August 25, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada East

David Coon

New Brunswick Green leader David Coon is calling a report on the state of the province’s forests “self-serving and incomplete.” The province released the long-awaited State of the Forest report on Thursday after seven years of delays. The document outlines the inventory and development of the province’s forests, as well as their the composition, ownership and usage. But Coon says he finds the report severely lacking. …Natural resources minister Mike Holland says the report is a high level overview of the forest makeup and more details on health and management strategies will be coming in subsequent reports this fall. …Coon decried the lack of data on various forest types and ecosystems. He said that data from the Atlantic Canada Conservation Data Centre shows that over two thirds of the 100 different forest types found in the province are at risk.

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