New centre in the works to track Indigenous data on businesses, land and resources

Canadian Press in Victoria News
June 9, 2024
Category: Business & Politics
Region: Canada

A new institute will track Indigenous economic prosperity in Canada by collecting data on population, businesses, land and resources. The First Nations University of Canada announced Thursday that it will set up the centre with help from two foundations. “Today we celebrate a pivotal moment in our ongoing journey toward economic empowerment and self-determination for Indigenous communities across Canada,” said First Nations University president Jacqueline Ottmann. “The National Indigenous Economic Prosperity Institute will serve as a catalyst for change, promoting innovative solutions and fostering economic resilience within Indigenous communities and non-Indigenous communities.” …It fulfils a call to action from the National Indigenous Economic Strategy for Canada that the new research body be established to track countrywide data. …The strategy focuses on four pillars: people, lands, infrastructure and finance. …Economic reconciliation is a recently popularized term to describe fostering economic relationships with Indigenous Peoples and communities, industry and government.

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