New Film Profiles Immediate Actions to Restore California’s Wildfire-vulnerable Forests

By Roger Bales and Molly Stephens
University of California, Merced
February 9, 2024
Category: Forestry
Region: United States, US West

The new film “California’s Watershed Healing” documents the huge benefits that result from restoring forests to healthier densities. UC Merced’s Sierra Nevada Research Institute partnered with the nonprofit Chronicles Group to tell the story of these efforts, the science behind them, and pathways that dedicated individuals and groups are pioneering to scale up these urgent climate solutions. “California’s forests are at a tipping point, owing to both climate stress and past unsustainable management practices that suppressed wildfires and prioritized timber harvesting,” explained UC Merced Professor Roger Bales, who was involved in developing the film. Covering over 30 million acres – nearly a third of the state – these iconic ecosystems provide water, recreation, habitat, carbon storage and serve other needs. But they now contain too many trees, packed too closely together. …The film explores how scaling up promising investments can ensure a more sustainable future.

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