New generation will do better with our forests

Letter by Kit Burke, Chetwynd
Victoria Times Colonist
February 2, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

Re: “Scrap the old forest industry, build a new one,” commentary, Jan. 30. I have absolutely had it with retired foresters writing long-winded opinion pieces about how we need to shut the forest industry down. It strikes me as the peak of hypocrisy to spend a career exploiting a resource, then once you are safely retired with a well-funded pension to decide it is time to shut it all down. These individuals spent decades in the industry and got us into the situation we find ourselves in today. …I work in the forest industry because I truly believe that well-managed forests and the products they produce are a key part of addressing climate change, building our province and providing benefits and employment to people in rural B.C. …To suggest that our profession has failed and our jobs should be wholesale “transitioned” because the previous generation mismanaged the resource, leaving us no opportunity to do better, is frankly insulting.

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