New Zealand wood processing sector grapples with new EU deforestation rules

By Monique Steele
The New Zealand Herald
May 27, 2024
Category: Forestry
Region: International

New Zealand’s wood processing sector is trying to work out how those sending product to prove their supply chains are free of deforestation. …New Zealand exported $100 million worth of wood products like wood chips to Europe last year – with more than half going to the Netherlands. Wood Processors and Manufacturers Association chief executive Mark Ross said there was some confusion around the new rules, tipped to be implemented in late December, and how they would play out. …He said processors would need to provide documentation detailing where the trees came from before products were processed, and if the forest site was replanted. “They’ll need to have geolocation data that shows where those forests have come from when it comes to wood products,” he said. “We will need to have satellite images like GPS co-ordinates showing where those trees were harvested before they were processed.”

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