No One Wants To Talk About Ontario’s Disappearing Blue-Collar Communities

By Robert Waite
Huffington Post Canada
October 16, 2017
Category: Business & Politics
Region: Canada, Canada East

…[This story] is about a town in Northern Ontario, Kapuskasing… It is about the fact that even in an age of global warming, life in Canada north of 45 degrees latitude can be precarious. …My travelling companion… had last been there 35 years ago. …Her employer was Kimberly-Clark, the mammoth paper products company who operated a pulp and paper mill, Spruce Falls, in partnership with the New York Times. At that time, the mill employed over 3,000 workers. The town had more than 12,000 inhabitants. …But the reality is that Kapuskasing and many other resource-based communities in Canada’s north face a very uncertain future. Young people are leaving. One regional staple — forest products — is fading because harvested forests, when re-planted, recover much more slowly than those in the U.S. southeast.

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