Northern families sacrificed for misplaced ideals

By Peter Politis, mayor of Cochrane
North Bay Nugget
November 10, 2017
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada East

Peter Politis

Regrettably, I read an opinion piece dated Oct. 28 written by Steve May titled Political games bad for Northern Ontario reputation, which provided the usual misinformed, guilt-ridden, fear mongering we as Northerners tend to hear from extremists driving a seemingly narrow, self-righteous agenda. …Our whole foundation of who we are, our way of life and our viability as a region is directly linked to the very natural resources Mr. May seems to preclude need to be protected from us. …To suggest the sustainability of forests in Northern Ontario is even an issue, let alone being questioned by “industry experts,” has no factual basis and is a great example of the extremist approach I speak to here. …The company Mr. May irresponsibly inferred was somehow problematic to this, Resolute Forest Products, actually has 100 per cent of all forests it manages certified, representing the lion’s share of these sustainable forests in Canada.

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