Nova Scotia set to replace fleet of Airbus H125 firefighting helicopters

By Ben Forrest
Vertical Magazine
December 18, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada East

The government of Nova Scotia said it plans to replace its fleet of four Airbus H125 helicopters. The province acquired its current fleet in 2016 and plans to negotiate and purchase a new set of four H125s with its current provider, according to a public procurement document. “Being prepared for emergencies such as wildfires is critical to protecting communities and Nova Scotians,” said Tory Rushton, the province’s natural resources minister. “That’s why we’re considering all options and are upgrading our fleet of helicopters to ensure we can manage wildfires in the future.” A tender for the acquisition is set to close Jan. 3, 2024. Nova Scotia will leverage $12.8 million in funding from Canada’s federal government to help pay for the new fleet, part of a five-year agreement for firefighting training and equipment.

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