Oh, deer: Lack of wildfire brings deer closer to cities

By Carli Berry
Pentiction Western News
November 16, 2017
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

It may seem like fires are increasing, but for mule deer populations it’s not enough to create the habitat they need. According to the BC Wildlife Federation, the reason why mule deer are moving into urban environments is the lack of wildfire in the past several decades, said director Jesse Zeman, of the fish and wildlife restoration program with the BC Wildlife Federation. Mule deer are used to adapting to the natural wildfire patterns that occur every 10 to 40 years, said Zeman. With the regrowth in Okanagan Mountain Park since the 2003 fire, the deer are in search of a new food source and have moved into town. “Generally speaking habitat quality is going down, especially in Kelowna,” he said.

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