Ontario LCBO’s baffling no-paper-bags policy

By Mark Schatzker
The National Post
August 30, 2023
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: Canada, Canada East

It’s official. On Sept. 4, the Liquor Control Board of Ontario will give away its last paper bag. Fifteen years after the country’s largest liquor retailer dropped the axe on plastic bags, the time has come to say goodbye to their paper cousins. It’s about time, right? The initiative, according to the LCBO, will eliminate the use of nearly 135 million bags every year, saving the equivalent of more than 188,000 trees and diverting 2,665 tonnes from landfill. There’s only one problem… The numbers don’t add up. And aren’t paper bags supposed to be made from recycled paper? Most paper is indeed made from recycled material. …Then there is the claim that this initiative will divert 2,665 tonnes of waste from landfill. This is just plain false. ..In place of paper bags, LCBO customers can request an eight-pack carrier made out — I’m not making this up — cardboard, which is to say, trees.

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