Opponents try to stop logging in Brown County forest

By Mary Milz
WTHR13 Indiana News
October 27, 2017
Category: Forestry
Region: United States, US East

BROWN COUNTY, Ind. – Environmentalists, nearby residents, and tourism officials are making a last-ditch effort to keep part of an old growth forest from being logged. They’re upset about the DNR’s plans to let a private bidder log three tracts of forest within the Yellowwood State Forest back country in Brown County. It’s a wilderness area home to many trees much older than its nearby inhabitants. …Jeff Stant heads the Indiana Forest Alliance, which has led efforts to stop the harvest. It calls for removing up to 2,000 trees from a 300-acre area. …Michael Spalding, a resource supervisor with the DNR, said the culling is meant to protect the forest. He said it doesn’t involve clear-cutting but single selection, meaning many of the trees targeted have been damaged by fire or insects.

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