Opticom Camera Survives Direct Hit at West Fraser Sawmill

By Opticom Technologies
Lumbermen Online
January 2, 2024
Category: Health & Safety
Region: United States, US East

Sawmills are dangerous environments for cameras. There’s dust, debris, and full-sized logs and boards moving at high speeds. In a West Fraser mill in Florida, an Opticom CC04 camera took a direct hit by a board moving on the line—and it survived. The camera still works; it just had to be remounted on a new vibration mount. …Because West Fraser puts safety first, the operator was in his cab and all workers were safely outside the danger zone of the board. This CC04 camera was mounted on the mill’s edger to watch the edger tailor because, as the facility’s Lead Electrician, Richard Akers, pointed out, “Sometimes things don’t always move correctly, so the operator can see what’s going on back there. …The team reviewed the footage to see what happened, which is when they discovered the stuck boards that led to the backup, ramping, and direct hit.

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