SALEM, Ore. – The Oregon Board of Forestry voted 4-3 to approve the Habitat Conservation Plan on Thursday in Salem, moving it forward for federal approval. Before the meeting, log trucks loaded with logs from Oregon state forests, as well as loggers, legislators, mill workers and others, rallied outside the state’s Department of Forestry headquarters, calling on the board to reject the plan. They say the recommended conservation plan would shut down 57% of harvesting on the state’s forests for the next 70 years, which would lead to a loss of $35-$53 million in annual state revenue. Tasha Webb with Oregon Natural Resource Industries said that lost money would have gone to counties and smaller tax districts to pay for services like emergency response, school districts and law enforcement. …The Association Of Western Pulp And Paper Workers say the plan disregards the livelihoods of thousands of Oregonians and overlooks the sustainable forest management and economic stability in rural communities.