Oregon’s wildfire strategy: Building resilient forests and protecting communities

By Allison Gutleber
May 13, 2024
Category: Forestry
Region: United States, US West

PORTLAND, Oregon — The Oregon Department of Forestry says it is not sending crews to help with fires burning in western Canada. Dozens of fires in British Columbia and Alberta are labeled “out of control.” …While we haven’t seen any major fires in the Pacific Northwest, that could change in an instant, officials say. The Oregon Department of Forestry wants to make sure we’re ready when it happens. They are building a vision for Oregon’s forests. Right now, the Oregon Board of Forestry and the Department of Forestry are working together to put together a strategy to protect the state’s forests and the people who rely on them. …The plan includes funding wildfire resources, expanding the use of prescribed burns, and teaching more people about wildfire safety and prevention. The plan could be adopted in June, before heading to Governor Kotek’s desk.

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