Pallet shortage prompts calls for government action to shore up timber supply

By Leon Georgiou
ABC News Australia
December 15, 2022
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: International

The Australian consumer goods supply chain is again experiencing a shortage of timber pallets, with industry experts saying the problem will only get worse. South Australian Forest Products Association chief executive Nathan Paine said the shortage demonstrated the need for governments to work with industry to increase the supply of timber. “A big part of this of course is Christmas,” he said. “We’re all out there, we’re buying food for the Christmas lunch and dinner, we’re buying presents — and demand for products and the movement of products has increased as a consequence. “Even though as an industry, we’re producing over two million pallets each year to support the movement of those food and goods — that’s just not keeping up with demand, and that shortage really is likely to have an impact on our everyday lives in the future.”

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