EU paper makers and users look to greener frontiers

By Tom Cassauwers
The European Commission
July 6, 2023
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: International

SWITZERLAND — The paper packaging used for some of Lindt’s products has green fibres running through it. More than just a splash of colour, the green is actual grass to replace some of the wood normally used to make the paper. The change is the result of years of research carried out by German paper manufacturer Creapaper and partly funded by the EU in a project called Grass Paper. …Creapaper uses grass to make a pulp that can then be used by mills to produce paper or cardboard, which is mainly sold as packaging material. It’s generally a mixture of 30% grass pulp and 70% wood, which could save large numbers of trees. ….One tonne of grass pulp requires about 10 litres of water, whereas the same amount of wood pulp would take around 1 500 litres. The result for Creapaper is a green-tinted packaging paper. 

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