Park board releases report from Stanley Park logging contractor after complaint

Bob Mackin
Vancouver is Awesome
February 12, 2024
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

The Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation says it has not accounted for thousands of trees cut down in Stanley Park. A Feb. 9 letter from freedom of information manager Kevin Tuerlings said “our office has confirmed with Park Board staff that there are no records responsive to your request for an inventory of trees designated for removal.” On Nov. 29, the park board announced that 160,000 trees would be chopped because of the Hemlock looper moth infestation and fears of a wildfire. In September, it hired forestry consultancy B.A. Blackwell and Associates on an emergency, no-bid contract. …A reporter applied Nov. 22 for the tree inventory, tree removal plan and arborist’s report, but the city sent a $450 invoice almost a month later… Tuerlings notified a reporter by email that the Blackwell report had been published on the city’s website, titled “Stanley Park Hemlock Looper Impact and Wildfire Risk Assessment”.

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