Paul Fast launches his new book, Design Trails: Adventures of a Structural Engineer

Fast + Epp
February 5, 2024
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: Canada, Canada West

Paul Fast

Drawing on 35 years of design experience, Founding Partner Paul Fast reminisces about his work on groundbreaking projects such as the long span timber roof structure for the 2010 Richmond Olympic Oval, the 18-storey TallWood House at the University of British Columbia and the daring catenary roof structure for the Grandview Heights Aquatic Centre. The structural engineering profession, when practiced to its fullest potential, is one filled with much adventure, risk, and reward. Exploring and hunting in the magnificent setting of the Rocky Mountains in the Province of British Columbia is also an activity that has no shortage of thrills for adventure seekers. Paul Fast shares his parallel experiences in the outdoors and in the design office, weaving together common themes such as the joys of mountaintop experiences, disappointments in the valleys, hard climbs, unexpected scary moments, and the many pleasant surprises along the way.

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