Pellet plant should be investigated for whole log use

Letter by Len Vanderstar & Michelle Connolly, Conservation North
The Interior News
May 18, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

SMITHERS, BC — The wood pellet proposal, made in 2015, by an existing particle board manufacturer called NewPro, included references to how the pellet mill would help bring an end to much of that slash burning. Instead. …But from the moment the pellet mill opened in 2018, whole logs, not logging slash, were one of the mill’s primary raw material supplies along with woodchips and sawdust from the sawmill next door. …We have asked Minister George Heyman to suspend the amended permit and to require the companies that now run the pellet operation – the Drax Group and lumber producer West Fraser Timber – to fully disclose exactly how many whole logs are being consumed at the pellet mill each year.

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