Perkins & Will Begins Construction on Mass Timber Gateway to University of British Columbia Campus

By Nour Fakharany
Arch Daily
February 13, 2023
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: Canada, Canada West

Perkins & Will has just begun construction on the Gateway Project for the University of British Columbia. The project will serve as the primary entrance point to the campus, as well as the new hub for the Nursing, Kinesiology, Language Science, and the university’s health clinics. This project is inspired by the surrounding landscape and is informed by the Musqueam people, who have been occupying these territories for generations. Fundamentally, the project attempts to pull the surrounding landscape inwards by having the entire ground floor of the project treated as a porous extension of the surrounding forest. The design was inspired by the inviting spirit of the Musqueam people and showcases that welcoming energy at the entry point for the UBC campus. Mimicking the feeling of moving through the forest, the project utilizes local wood through the interior cladding of the project, as well as the building’s timber structure at large. 

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