Popular provincial parks under pressure in B.C., says University of BC Okanaga study

By Rob Gibson
May 27, 2024
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

New research from UBCO is sounding the alarm as people and the climate intensify pressure on popular provincial parks. Dr. Michael Noonan and his team at UBCO’s Quantitative Ecology Lab are looking at the future of B.C.’s provincial park system and they suggest that as the climate continues to warm, parks will feel the brunt of increased use. “The problem isn’t going to go away. Parks will suffer from overcrowding, and there will be more human-wildlife conflict in these parks. We’re calling for better education that needs to start now, not in a few years,” said Noonan. Researchers are urging the province to create a use-management strategy for provincial parks due to concerns about overuse as the parks’ popularity, and B.C.’s population, continue to increase. Noonan believes finding a balance between providing recreational opportunities and preserving a safe environment for wildlife will be a challenge.

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