Property fee cut from controversial wildfire funding proposal, but big timber could still get break

By Alex Baumhardt
The Oregon Capital Chronicle
January 17, 2024
Category: Forestry
Region: United States, US West

A wildfire funding proposal that would charge Oregon property owners $10 a year to offset rising fees that timber and ranch landowners pay to the state for fire protection has gone through major changes in recent days. The draft proposal …no longer includes the $10 fee on Oregon’s 2 million property holders. Such a fee would have raised an estimated $20 million a year, about 15% of the projected total cost for wildfire protection in 2024. The shift came two days after reporting by the Capital Chronicle on the proposal… The draft proposal still includes cuts to the per-acre fees that timber and ranch landowners pay to the Oregon Department of Forestry for fire protection, potentially saving them up to $12 million per year. The proposal would create a new State Forestry Department Large Wildfire Fund, but does not include details about where money for that would come from, only that it would be appropriated by the Legislature.

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