Province supports caribou recovery program in Cold Lake area

By Chantel Downes
Lakeland Today
May 15, 2024
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

COLD LAKE – The Government of Alberta, with industry stakeholders, is supporting caribou recovery while promoting sustainable development in the Cold Lake region – and seeking public feedback. Alberta has invested more than $30.2 million in the caribou habitat restoration program since 2018, which includes $30.2 million in provincial funding and $700,000 from industry. Budget 2022 included a commitment of $10 million per year for caribou habitat recovery, starting in 2023-24. The Government of Alberta says it is still waiting for a meaningful federal contribution to support the province’s caribou habitat restoration program. Julia Pickering, Assistant Director of Communications and Public Engagement for the Government of Alberta, emphasized the importance of implementing the approved Cold Lake and Bistcho Lake Sub-regional Plans to achieve the goals of caribou recovery. She clarified that the recently proposed regulations align with the existing sub-regional plans, emphasizing continuity in objectives and strategies. 

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