Pulp by product could be new source of revenue for forestry industry

By Mariah Powell
Upper Michigan Source
October 13, 2017
Category: Business & Politics
Region: United States, US East

QUINNESEC, Mich. Forestry and chemistry experts discuss a new source of profit for the forestry industry. Executive Director for the Michigan Forest Biomaterials Institute spoke …about what this could mean for the Upper Peninsula economy. “So we think that could be both; maintaining what we have and growing new jobs,” said Mark Rudnicki. A pulp by product could bring a new source of revenue to Michigan’s forestry industry. Experts in forestry, chemistry, government and industry gathered this week to discuss possible uses for lignin. “It’s really been an excellent opportunity to get a number of people from both academia as well as industry together to talk about what it is we can do to help utilize what is currently and underutilized product in the forestry sector, which is the lignin,” said Michigan State University Biochemistry professor Eric Hegg.

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