Quebec lumber companies face 8 counts of criminal negligence nearly 2 years after deadly blast

By Rachel Watts
CBC News
May 24, 2023
Category: Health & Safety

Two Quebec lumber companies are facing eight criminal negligence charges after an explosion at a wood-manufacturing plant in Beauceville, Que., in 2021. The Crown charged Séchoirs de Beauce and Bois Ouvré de Beauceville on May 19 with three charges of negligence causing death and five charges of negligence causing bodily harm. In September 2021, five people were injured following a fiery explosion at the Séchoirs de Beauce et Bois Ouvré factory. …Jean Lachance, 51, of Saint-Georges, Mario Morin, 57, of Beauceville and Martin Roy, 50, of Saint-Georges died in the explosion. …Martine Savard, the prosecutor looking over this case, said although the case is criminal, company representatives will not face jail time, if found guilty. “It’s really the company that is subject to a fine,” said Savard. …The companies are expected in court on June 9.

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