Quesnel forest industry is hitting below the bark

By Frank Peebles
The Quesnel Cariboo Observer
May 20, 2023
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: Canada, Canada West

If California has its Silicone Valley built on a concentration of tech products, the Quesnel Future of Forestry Think Tank (FFTT) asked why the Cariboo couldn’t be the wood equivalent? …Matyas Kosa is the byproducts lead for West Fraser and is in the thick of those activities. …Kosa explained that Amallin is in the test phase of being an ingredient in asphalt, but most commonly it is in use already as a plywood glue. “I’m happy to report we are on track to fully commercialize it. In fact, we’re pretty much there.” …It takes a company like West Fraser, with large-scale wood inventories, a variety of applications already underway, and the financial resources to invest in the research. Where the science gets done will inevitably be in a number of places, but… “We would like to scale up, here in Quesnel, eventually,” he said.

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