Questions about logging in Nelson’s water supply

By Councillor Valerie Warmington
Nelson Star
October 19, 2017
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

Valerie Warmington

This Monday, Oct. 23, Kalesnikoff Lumber will be presenting their plan for logging in the Selous Creek area at city council’s meeting. Selous Creek … is slated for selective tree harvesting in response to insect activity (Douglas fir beetle). One of the questions I have relates to how, or whether, forestry companies ensure that the removal of trees doesn’t impact water absorption and retention within soils. Another question relates to what precautions will be taken to ensure that logging does not stimulate soil erosion in the area. This is critical as erosion could lead to siltation in the creek, which could have huge impact on the treatment the Interior Health Authority requires Nelson to provide for its drinking water. …The interpretations of the relevant sections of the Forestry Act that I’ve heard suggest that, should logging cause sufficient siltation to require filtration, Nelson taxpayers would be responsible for coming up with the several million dollars it could cost.

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