Resolute pursues lawsuit against Greenpeace

TB Newswatch
October 17, 2017
Category: Business & Politics
Region: Canada, Canada East

Resolute Forest Products will continue a legal action in the United States against environmental organizations Greenpeace and, despite suffering a setback on Monday. The company last year announced a federal lawsuit for defamation and racketeering. Essentially, it complained that it had suffered financially from the dissemination of false information accusing it of unsound forestry practices in Canada’s Boreal forest. In dismissing the racketeering case on Monday, a judge in San Francisco said Resolute had failed to provide enough detail in its allegation that Greenpeace acted with a malicious mindset. …Michael Bowe, a lawyer for Resolute, noted in a statement that the court “provided Resolute with leave to correct those purported deficiencies (in the complaint) in an amendment. We will correct [them] in an amendment, and proceed with the case.”

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