Resume municipal forest logging

Letter by Glen Ridgway
Cowichan Valley Citizen
January 8, 2024
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

After years of shoveling money of the back of the truck along with the turnips, governments including Justin [Trudeau], David [Eby] and North Cowichan are, at least for radio, TV and newspaper purposes, expressing concern about costs. …So local government should look to other revenue streams. One suggestion would be to accumulate some forest land. Start a sustainable logging/recreation program to provide revenue for the municipality and some jobs and fibre for local industry. In addition to covering the cost of the day to day operation perhaps some money could be set aside … in a reserve fund rising to say $5 to $6 million dollars. Taxes paid by those employed could fund UBC forestry studies into carbon credits or fund heat pumps in Nova Scotia. … Kingsview viewscapes may be impacted but it will help reduce property taxes. Give it some thought but please don’t get those UBC guys to study it.

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