Russian Wood Chip and Log Imports Drop to Zero Across Europe in 2022

By Håkan Ekström
Forests2Market Blog
February 15, 2023
Category: Finance & Economics
Region: International

Europe has continued to feel the impacts of Russia’s war against Ukraine. The consequence is a full cessation on the import of wood raw materials to countries like Finland. …Finnish pulpmills and sawmills have long been dependent on imported wood raw materials to meet their wood fiber needs. …Finland’s wood raw-material imports from Russia fell dramatically in 2022 following many years of active trade between the two countries. Russia decided to halt softwood log exports starting January 1, 2022. …The strong pulp market made the Finnish pulp industry search for alternative supply sources to keep operating rates high. …In Q3 2022, imports were mainly up from Sweden and the Baltic States. But there were also a few shipments of logs and wood chips from Brazil, South Africa, and Uruguay.

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