Sacrificing caribou to save forestry is a fool’s errand—it’s time we stop playing the fool

By Bruce Lourie
The Hill Times
October 31, 2017
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada

Canada’s boreal forest is a place where jobs and wildlife protection, the economy and the environment, rise or fall together. …Earlier this month provincial governments missed their deadline to deliver boreal woodland caribou protection plans under the federal Species At Risk Act. …What’s getting in the way of governments acting to protect the last of these iconic Canadian animals? It’s fear. Fear of being criticized for hitting the forestry industry when it’s down. But the fact is, failing to protect caribou won’t help the forestry sector one bit. Structural changes in Canada’s logging industry are devastating boreal forest communities and work forces. …Five years after Tembec committed to protect the 350 woodland caribou in its harvest areas in Quebec and Ontario, environmentalists are hailing the company’s decision to protect large swaths of the nearly 3.7 million hectares under its control.

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