Save the forests before it’s too late

By Gerry Warner, retired journalist
The East Kootenay News Online
April 7, 2024
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

In the Toronto Globe and Mail this week –“Canada lost 8.6 million hectares of forest in 2023 more than anywhere in the world.” …As bad as all this is, it’s not the most destructive challenge facing our forest lands. Far from it. No, by far the greatest challenge facing our precious woodlands is something we all participate in – industrial logging. …But don’t blame the loggers! They are only doing their jobs as directed by registered professional foresters who to a man or woman are true believers in industrial forestry where “all” the trees are cut because it’s easier for heavy equipment to operate and trees can be moved to the mill faster and bigger profits made. …We’ve logged at an unsustainable rate for more than a century. If we don’t act now Beautiful B.C. will become only a sad memory.

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