Sharp declines impact Pacific Northwest lumber market

By Harvey Greer
Forests2Market Blog
February 2, 2023
Category: Finance & Economics
Region: United States, US West

Oregon forestry’s forecast remains shaky with an ongoing affordable housing crisis and residual impacts of forest fires. How will these impact Oregon forestry and the whole of the PNW lumber market:

  • Reduced supply of lumber due to 2020 Oregon Labor Day fires – Based on findings from the Oregon Forest Resources Institute, timber harvest will reduce by 7 BFF across the next 40 years. Devastation like this has unfortunately reduced the overall Oregon harvest potential – and will continue that way for years to come.
  • Restrictions due to Oregon’s Private Forest Accord – The Oregon Board of Forestry approved more than 100 changes to the Forest Practices Act, based on the recommendations of the Private Forest Accord report. The changes will impact timber harvest activities on more than 10 million acres of private and non-federal forests in the state.” Forecasters predict a loss of up to 7 thousand jobs.

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