Sharp rise registered in USA’s exports of red oak

EUWID Wood Products and Panels
November 24, 2017
Category: Business & Politics
Region: United States

US log exports in the first three quarters of this year were roughly on par with those of last year at 1.563m m³. A marked change occurred in the distribution of wood species, however. Exports of red oak were stepped up by 64% to 451,981 m³ and thereby accounted for approximately 29% of the USA’s total log exports. Exports of maple, however, still the most species of wood in the reference period of last year, fell by another 12% to 292,741 m³ and their share of the total exports decreased accordingly to 19%. Exports of birch also took a downturn (-19% to 111,927 m³) whereas those of ash (+10% to 191,013 m³), white oak (+20% to 159,869 m³), and walnut (+28% to 134,139 m³) all increased.

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