Single stair buildings will be allowed in BC’s new building code

By Cloe Logan
The National Observer
July 2, 2024
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: Canada, Canada West

BC’s next building code will allow single-staircase buildings: a design element common in much of the world, but banned in Canada for decades. The building types are touted as a simple design solution that allow for denser housing on smaller lots, which could help bolster “missing middle” housing stock (multiplexes, townhouses, and apartment buildings less than five storeys) while delivering climate benefits. A report commissioned by B.C.’s Ministry of Housing provided recommendations on how the buildings could be safely allowed in the next provincial building code, due this upcoming fall, explained Minister of Housing Ravi Kahlon. …Currently, low- and mid-rise apartment buildings in the province (and most of North America) require two staircases. …Building code officials will “do a little bit more consultation” before implementing single-stair buildings into the code this fall.

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