Skeena Sawmills in Terrace shuts down log deliveries

By Rod Link
The Vanderhoof Omineca Express
January 9, 2023
Category: Business & Politics
Region: Canada, Canada West

TERRACE, BC — Skeena Sawmills has stopped taking logs at its Terrace sawmill for three weeks, citing the high cost of logging and other factors affecting its business. But the mill itself will continue to produce lumber, drawing down what inventory there is in the log yard until the end of the month. Chipping operations will continue. ..Skeena Sawmills chief operating officer Greg DeMille said “Skeena is not immune to the same pressures that the rest of the industry is under, including high operating costs, limited secure fibre availability and adjusting to government policy pressures on permitting and fibre access.” …Its sister facility, the Skeena bio-energy pellet plant next door has closed temporarily. …“This is largely due to the availability of fresh raw material from the sawmill as a result of the reduction in production output,” said DeMille. Skeena Sawmills employs 150 people, not including contractors and suppliers.

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