Skylab’s Hip Hotel Tackles Terrain with Mass Timber

Think Wood
February 16, 2024
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: US West, International

IDAHO – Faced with a formidably steep site, Skylab turned to ‌prefab mass timber and on-site light-frame construction for the Humbird Hotel in Northern Idaho. The result is a meticulously designed 31-room, three-story boutique mountain resort that refines the alpine vacation experience by paying attention to details—big and small. This hybrid timber solution was not only well-suited to the project’s challenging locale, but reflects the area’s heritage, once the site of a working forest and sawmill. Beyond showmanship, the project’s generous use of wood serves triple-duty—as a light-weight, prefabricated, flexible building system well-suited for the hard-to-reach site; as a natural renewable material with biophilic, sustainable benefits; and as a warm, welcoming material historic to the region. Learn more about how wood made this project a reality in our new project profile. 

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